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Personal data processing and modification & removal access rights.

The personal data collected on the website comes from a voluntary e-mail address insertion after the submission of an electronic message. The addresses collected in such way can only be used to deliver the requested information.

KEOPS EXPOSITIONS stores all e-mail addresses in a confidential and encrypted way, for a maximum time of 1 year.

The collected e-mails will not be passed on to third parties, or treated by KEOPS EXPOSITIONS.

The traffic data is only collected to be able to analyse information page visits and improve their content. The data related to visitors’ browsing are not analysed by name. They come in as joint statistics allowing us to pinpoint the most popular pages, favourite paths, hourly, daily and weekly activity levels, main customer or server mistakes, etc.

The secret of all correspondences delivered on the internet network is not guaranteed. Each user is solely responsible for the content of his/her correspondence.

According to the article 34 of the law 78-17 of the 06/01/1978 related to information, files, and freedom, you have a right of access and of correction of your own data.

In 2006, the CNIL removed the specific declaration of websites. Institutional and non-commercial showcase sites are exempted from all declarations, with the condition of being consistent with the 7th exemption.

Access to administrative documents

To meet your demand related to the communication of administrative documents, KEOPS EXPOSITIONS has appointed a person whom you can contact through the online form.

Legal Provisions

The different elements of the webpage (form, layout, content, structure, etc.) are protected by the design protection right, copyright, trade mark, image rights, and cannot be copied or imitated, entirely or partially, without KEOPS EXPOSITIONS’ explicit authorisation.

Anyone choosing not to respect these feasible legal provisions is guilty of counterfeiting and liable to criminal sanctions established by law.


This website is a piece of work made by KEOPS EXPOSITIONS according to the articles L. 111.1 and following the Intellectual Property body of law

All photographs, texts, logos, pictograms, as well as all other works integrated on the website belong to KEOPS EXPOSITIONS or to third parties who have authorised KEOPS EXPOSITIONS to use them.

The reproduction, handover, modification and reuse, on paper or on an electronic medium, of this website, and the works which are displayed, are allowed provided they are strictly limited to a personal and private use only, and provided they comply with the article L122-5 of the Intellectual Property body of law.

All copies made must clearly indicate the source and the author of the site and/or of these multimedia works.

In no cases must these reproductions carry any damages onto the third parties.

The reproduction, handover, modification and reuse for advertising, commercial or information purposes, from all or part of the website, are completely forbidden.


The "KEOPS EXPOSITIONS" logo cannot be modified – proportions, colours, elements, components – and cannot be subject to any transformation, animation or any other process.

The "KEOPS EXPOSITIONS" logo cannot be used and can only be associated with verifiable information.

It can only be used to represent links with KEOPS EXPOSITIONS or sponsorships duly established.

In all cases, KEOPS EXPOSITIONS has the right to approve or disapprove all use of the logo, ensuring its correct usage, according to ethics, moral and for KEOPS EXPOSITIONS’ interests.

The conditions mentioned above are applied for webpages, and do not refer to the use of the logo in other documents.

KEOPS EXPOSITIONS has the right to modify the logo usage conditions at any time and without any notice.

Database rights

Databases are protected by the 01/07/1998 law and by the French copyright regime.

Creation of links directed to the website

KEOPS EXPOSITIONS authorises the creation of a hyperlink to its website for all websites, excluding those that disseminate information of a polemical, pornographic or xenophobic nature, or that, in general, may be deemed offensive to the general public or against public order.

The link must bring the user to the website home page, and the website must open in a new window.

All pages from must not be integrated to any other website pages (Frame).

Without specific authorisation, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis, a direct link to an internal web page is forbidden.

The request for a hyperlink to must be made by e-mail to the webmaster’s email….

In any case, KEOPS EXPOSITIONS has the right to request the removal of a link if it judges that the website doesn’t respect the defined rules.

Links to third party websites from

The hypertexts links implemented on the website towards other sites and/or towards other personal pages and generally towards existing resources on the internet, cannot engage KEOPS EXPOSITIONS’ responsibility about links they contain or in changes or updates that are made.