Creative freedom, the love of material, volumes and lightings, supported by solid organization skills: this is the spirit of KEOPS.
We design a stand with two goals: meet the practical requirements and attract the visitors’ attention by creating emotions faithful to the image of our clients.


The heart of our job is the creation of a unique and ephemeral space, as the original and high standard vision of an event.
We design this stand with two goals: meet the practical requirements and attract attention by stimulating the visitors’ emotions.

By creating harmony between materials, volumes and light, the stand becomes a versatile, customized, functional and aesthetic area. This space faithfully translates the business strategy of our clients.
Even when they are original, our stands only serve their brand. 

From creation to achievement, our support is complete.  From one show to another, we keep a close and continuous relationship with our clients. We are very proud of the trust they give us.







In 2006, KEOPS displays its originality, embodied in a fantastic beast, amphibious, which will mark the creative will, the all-terrain positivism, and the full commitment of our team.

In 2016, KEOPS decides to create a space for creative and artistic research. The fish takes on substance, becomes a character in its own self, a subject to artists’ interpretations. Directors, photographers, plasticians give their vision of KEOPS.